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Sandwich panels






How to buy sandwich panels?


So, you’ve decided to buy sandwich panels.


1st step Contact us by phone number 835-504 or by the on-line application on our website!


2nd step The procedure is beginning with your meeting with the Project Manager responsible to conclude with you the sandwich panels sale and purchase agreement.


3rd step We study your project or your drawings in respect to building reconstruction. If there are no exact drawings our company is ready to render consulting services in cutting / layout of sandwich panels. Than we determine the number of sandwich panels according to the size of your facility. Within 1-3 days you’ll receive thecommercial offer.


4th step On the basis of sandwich panels sale and purchase agreement you pay a 60% advance of the goods value.


5th step The goods are delivered within 20 days. The final settlement is carried out before the transfer of goods.


What are sandwich panels?


Everyone or almost everyone knows what a sandwich is. But only a few are familiar with sandwich panels and moreover, hardly many people know that various industrial buildings, though not only industrial can be built using sandwich panels.


In this section we will tell you what sandwich panels are, what their advantages are, how to choose a sandwich panel, what problems can arise during sandwich panels’ erection. You can also find out more about principal technical characteristics of sandwich panels.


Sandwich panels are a modern building material which has unique properties.





Sandwich panels represent a construction in the form of three-ply elements which have inside a heat-insulating layer made of modern, highly efficient insulating materials: polyurethane foam or mineral wool based on basalt fibers.


Sandwich panels are lightweight construction, significantly reducing the load on the foundation, thereby reducing costs for carrying out ground geological exploration and for the foundation construction. However not only costs and time of foundation construction are reduced, due to their light weight sandwich panels allow us to build a facility quickly and with minimum costs build.


Due to their construction sandwich panels have a large margin of safety and their light weight can significantly reduce the transportation, loading and structures installation costs.


Today, sandwich panels are successfully used in the industrial construction.


There are two types of sandwich panels:







The panel surface has no need for further processing. Panels’ hard surface is made of durable galvanized steel sheets (in thickness 0.5 mm) with double-sided polymer coating – polyester, having high abrasion and weather resistance. To protect panels’ decorative coating during transportation and erection procedures they are covered with protective film which is easily removed during or after erection of panels. Along with the panels the Buyer / Customer receives all the things needed for installation. This includes the so-called shaped finishing elements, various metal profiles for connecting panels: moldings, ridge and gable trims, angles, sills as well as elements for fixing - self-threading screws (drilling capacity is up to 14 mm which allows you to mount the panels to the metal frame without pre-drilling).

Also we offer you interesting solution to lighting your building. 

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The system of such lighting allows you to mount the lantern skylights directly into the building roof along the entire length of roof slope. You can get detailed information about this system in the special subsection.


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Sandwich panels are used as exterior building enclosing parts, interior partitions, facade material and material for refrigerating chambers. As a supporting structure for them is mostly used a metal frame, at that if the room purpose changed or was necessary to increase its area it won’t be difficult to reconstruct it. Sandwich panels are irreplaceable for reconstruction of buildings. The small weight of these articles of manufacture allows you to reduce the foundation shoring costs and to save on the use of expensive lifting equipment.


The advantages of using sandwich panels in construction:
  • Facility construction with the use of sandwich panels is cheaper and is paying back faster.
  • High thermal insulation. The building constructed out of sandwich panels is much warmer than that of brick or concrete which greatly reduces the room heating costs.
  • High speed of buildings construction. The sandwich panels set is made in a few days and mounted in several weeks depending on the project.
  • The load on the foundation is repeatedly reduced. This fact, as a rule makes it possible to refuse the performing of ground geological exploration and to reduce significantly the construction foundation costs and frequently to refuse it almost completely.
  • Construction during all seasons: using sandwich panels you can build even in very cold weather. The  Railroad Warehouse on Uzinelor Street was built by “Promstroi-Grup” specialists at a temperature of 15  degrees C.
  • Using sandwich panels youbenefit from a cheaper and simpler transportation than in the case of classical white ashlar limestone, masonry blocks or reinforced concrete panels which require ordering a crane. There is no need any more to carry to the facility tons of bricks, cement and sand.
  • Using sandwich panels you get the possibility of a rapid disassembling. If necessary the building from sandwich panels can be disassembled and transported to another place.
  • Pre-fabricated buildings from sandwich panels with mineral-wool have high flameproof properties. Constructing such buildings you will significantly reduce the time of their completion and most importantly you ensure your safety.
  • The sandwich panels shell is made of a safe according to physical and technical properties galvanized steel with corrosion-resistant coating, primer and polymer coating which assures low water absorption.
  • Sandwichpanels have high hygienic qualities. This property of sandwich panels allows you to use them for construction of buildings related food processing industry. Using sandwich panels you benefit from the absence of necessity to decorate the facade and interior  walls. Sandwich panels are elements ready to operate. The ideal surface of sandwich panels does not  require any external or internal finishing. Moreover, the rich range of panels’ colors will satisfy the taste of any architect and designer. A construction from sandwich panels looks modern and prestigious.
  • Buildings walls and angles from sandwich panels are flat and straight.
  • Upkeep of buildings is possible in the temperature range from -40 to +50 degrees C.
  • Environmental friendliness and cleanliness on the construction site – the construction site pleasantly surprises with almost complete lack of construction waste and debris.


Where does the name “sandwich” panel come from?

It comes from the English word sandwich by the name of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich.


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