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Realtor services and property assessment

Transaction support

Do you want to buy something but do not want to overpay or vice versa you are selling, but do not want to sell too cheap? Only a specialist in real estate will manage to appraise properly the housing. In the sales process he will competently present your property while showing it and answer all the questions. We can help you to find the required area for any business; as well as to sell the already existing property to good buyers.

Real estate search made to order

Wishing to buy, rent or lease real estate every buyer creates a number of characteristics to which their facility should correspond. You can always manage your own search but if you value your time and trust the professionals come to us. “PROMSTROI-GRUP” specialists will carefully study your requirements concerning the real estate unit, will consider hundreds of options and offer you those options which exactly meet the required specifications.

Rent – Lease

Leasing of various commercial properties (offices, shops, warehouses, industrial buildings and premises) is one of the basic activities of “PROMSTROI-GRUP”. Our company customer base has more than 100 customers in the area of real estate lease. Generally, these are medium-sized and large enterprises: Orange, Lukoil, SB-Trade, Politrans, IMTC, Mac-Stro, Kass-Expo, Bahor-Lux, VGR-Art, Cristar-Pin, Torconst, Gheizer, Fitness-Plus, Tanjar- Co and others. Working experience with own real estate allows us successfully and professionally to lease our clients real estate. Lease requires some doing. We do it quickly, efficiently and professionally.


Consulting is the strong point of “PROMSTROI-GRUP”. We know everything about real estate. We can explain the dynamics of any transaction. We will find all potential problems of your situation. We can give you such an amount of information on your subject which nobody can bring together in a single consultation. We know both legal and technical issues of real estate. If you have difficulties just come to our office and you will leave knowing how to solve them.


Privatization is a procedure of assignment of state property to the citizens’ ownership and legal entities by public authorities and governing bodies. It is quite difficult for a person who is not engaged in jurisprudence professionally to understand the details and nuances of the privatization procedural questions. As a rule, people do not even know where to begin. Legal Department specialists of “PROMSTROI-GRUP” provide privatization services of apartments, housing, privatization of rooms and land, garden plots privatization. Having long experience of work in the field of privatization we have already helped many residents of Chisinau and the suburban area.


The problem of unauthorized construction legalization exists since that time when citizens and legal entities have been allowed to own land and buildings located on it. Specialists of “PROMSTROI-GRUP” can give you consultancy concerning the legalization of illegal construction as well as construction of new properties, so that these to be legal.

Acquisition of title due to the prescription of years

Many real property owners really possessing their facilities and who at the same time have no entitlement documents to this property, which would be registered in the real estate register. “PROMSTROI-GRUP” offers an interesting and effective solution to this problem, declaration of ownership of such facilities because of prescription of years. Today, this prescription is recognized to be 15 years of owning real estate in good faith. You can get other details about recognition of ownership due to prescription of years at a personal consultation at the company.

Representation in government and judicial instances

Relations between citizens and legal entities in real estate are characterized by a high state of conflict. Moreover, differences arise in different ways of property use: purchase and sales transaction or gift, rent, mortgage, inheritance, property division, privatization and also real estate use and operating. If it’s impossible to avoid such differences and disputes peacefully and by negotiations you should defend your position in the judicial instance or a competent public authority. In the Legal Department of “PROMSTROI-GRUP” work lawyers with worthy experience of appearance in all instances and public bodies. It’s enough to conclude a contract with us and to give us the power of attorney and we can guarantee a qualified representation of your interests.


“Promstroi-Grup” has certified professionals who offer a wide range of services in valuation activities.

Property valuation

Real estate valuation

                                                                                 Vehicles valuation                                                                                                        

Construction in progress valuation  ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

                                                                                     Rent  evaluation, calculation of the rent rate                                                    

Presently, real estate independent valuation remains one of the most needed types of valuation activities including property cost valuation or individual appraisals regarding property rights such as lease rights, use rights, etc. These days, there is an increasing general need for real estate appraisals, even apart from cases of compulsory independent valuation. The property value may often seem obvious for its owners or prospective buyers; however the property value can be significantly adjusted after its independent valuation. The real value is determined through real estate valuation.

Why do we need real estate valuation?

The real estate valuation is required in the commission of any actions connected with the real property one way or another. The most common situations that require valuation of the property are:
• commercial mortgage lending
• asset revaluation
• construction projects execution and real property reconstruction
• property and judicial disputes regarding real estate
• making management and investment decisions
• determination of real estate rental rate
• transaction of buying and selling residential and commercial real estate

How to make an order for valuation?
                          Customer:                                                                                                                                                                        Promstroi-Grup:
Initiating a request (by phone, by e-mail) 

  - Provides information about theproperty 

    being valuated (address, area,technical 

    specifications, etc.)

  - Inform of the valuation purpose

        - determines and informs the services 


       - reports about the services timing 



Concluding a contract for the provision of valuation services


   - Sends the copies of requested                 

     documents necessary to evaluate   

   - Conclude the valuation contract


        - Conclude the valuation contract 

         - Visit of the property being valuated

Execution and transmission of the evaluation report

   - Signs the handover act

   - Pay the rendered services                        

          - Hand over the evaluation report

          - Signs the handover act