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Vehicles Valuation

At present time vehicles are developing rapidly. In free market conditions and stiff competition vehicle manufacturers simply bemuse the potential buyer with advertising of reliability, durability and other benefits. If in the case of a new vehicle everything is clear then in that of the used vehicle the question that has to be answered is whether the declared value corresponds to the market. Valuation company can answer your question about the value of your vehicle or of the vehicle you wish to purchase. Vehicles valuation is a determination of the cost of this vehicle taking into account its technical condition, physical and functional obsolescence.


List of documents required for vehicles valuation:
  •  Information about the Customer:

    For legal entities: full name, an extract from the register of legal entities, the registration certificate
    For individuals: Customer full name, telephone number, number and series of identity document, date of issue and the authority issued the specified document
  • Certificate of registration
  • Full name of the unit: brand, model, series
  • Manufacturer factory (company)Year of manufacture
  • Technical characteristics of the unit (power, weight, size, mileage, capacity and all that) according to the technical documents
  • Registration number,gross and net book value of the last reporting date before the valuation date (if the owner of the unit is legal entity)
  • Information about the preservation and repair (parts replacement, improvement)