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Calculation of the rent rate

Rent valuation allows determining the facility market rental (lease) value.

The rent (lease) valuation is based on the premise that the ploughed back earnest (net of taxes and obligatory payments) received from the operating facility is equal to the market value of the leased property. Thus, in the absence of information about the lease rate value in the open market the valuator can calculate the size of the property's market value and then determining the entrepreneur’s rate profit size to calculate the rent (lease) cost of the facility.


List of documents and information required for rent valuation:
  • Information about the Customer:

    For legal entities: full name, an extract from the register of legal entities, the registration certificate
    For individuals: Customer full name, telephone number, number and series of identity document, date of issue and the authority issued the specified document
  • Extract from real estate register
  • Title documents to land on which the facility is situated and which should be valuated (if any)
  • Data on premises encumbrances which are under rent valuation including legal charges or other debt obligations
  • Data on servitudes and other restrictions on the use of premises which are under rent valuation
  • Information about premises operational costs which are under rent valuation (if any)