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Rent of the wirehouse


For more than 10 years the company "PROMSTROI-GRUP" has provided services in the area of real estate. Our customers are companies of different levels and different branches from major national and international companies to developing companies defining new business opportunities.


We have formed deep and extensive experience in the area of leasing.Our company has organized and is developing a multifunctional complexthat includes the industrial and warehouse buildings with total area of 19,000 square meters as well as office and commercial premises with total area of 3,000 square meters. In leasing of all this, we provide more than 100 corporate bodies with comfortable offices and industrial-storage facilities for the successful development of their business. Regular customers are such companies as: Lukoil-Moldova, Politrans Logist, IMTC-Constructie, Mac-Stro, Kass-Expo, Bahor-Lux, Cristar-Pin, Torconst, Geizer, Fitness-Plus, Tanjar-Co, Linia Montana and others.


The experience in the effective leasing of our real property allowed us in 2006 to organize a new trend in real estate: the search for lessees and facilities for lease for our customers. Due to our services each of our customers concluded a profitable lease contract during this period.


To date, the company "PROMSTROI-GRUP" executed a significant amount of evaluation projects in the area of real estate appraisal. Among them:

- property complex appraisal of the company "European Drinks Import Export"

- vehicles appraisal of the leasing company "IPB-Leasing Grup"

- property complex appraisal of the company "AMG Media"

- real estate appraisal of the company "Z.O.V."

- property appraisal S.A. "Plai-DAD", etc.



Affordable prices and short timeframes cause strong demand for this type of service that contributes to its continuous development and improvement.


Our reliability is confirmed by our license for the appraisal practice, certificate, diplomas and positive responses.

Our experts also have extensive experience in pursuing of transactions with any real estate and rendering legal services in real estate. "PROMSTROI-GRUP" will always help you to sell / lease or buy / rent real estate quickly and efficiently both in Chisinau and outside of its limits. We successfully consult and represent the interests of property owners, buyers and lessees.

Our experience in real estate allows us to solve any problem -- even the most difficult.